The most actual offers at Bargelink
[Vracht-Scout] Ship offers
t Available in Available
4005 t Lower Rhine 26/01/2015
1699 t Netherlands - North 26/01/2015
837 t Netherlands - South/East 27/01/2015
805 t Antwerp/Ghent 27/01/2015
4200 t Lower Rhine 28/01/2015
1012 t Netherlands - North 27/01/2015
801 t Lower Rhine 27/01/2015
1014 t Netherlands - South/East 27/01/2015
[Barge-Scout] Cargo offers
Quantity from to
800 t Middle Rhine/Mosel Netherlands - West
1000 t Belgium/France Antwerp/Ghent
700 t Belgium/France Netherlands - South/East
2500 t Netherlands - West Middle Rhine/Mosel
800 t Lower Rhine Belgium/France
1500 t Lower Rhine Netherlands - North
900 t Lower Rhine Netherlands - West
2500 t Upper Rhine Netherlands - North
Bargelink Capaciteits Index (BCI)
Overview over barges coming available the next days
Datum tonnage Schepen BCI
26/01/2015 20,129 12 5
27/01/2015 57,364 30 15
28/01/2015 58,863 36 16
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