The most actual offers at Bargelink
[Vracht-Scout] Shipoffers
t Available in Available
768 t Rhine/Neckar 24/04/2014
2288 t Lower Rhine 22/04/2014
616 t Netherlands - West 20/04/2014
1132 t Netherlands - South/East 22/04/2014
903 t Netherlands - West 19/04/2014
1584 t Netherlands - South/East 23/04/2014
1091 t Kanal-range south of Münster 22/04/2014
2122 t Belgium/France 22/04/2014
[Barge-Scout] Cargo offers
Quantity from to
1100 t Belgium/France Netherlands - South/East
800 t Netherlands - South/East Netherlands - South/East
800 t KüKa/Ems/DEK north of Münster Belgium/France
1000 t Netherlands - West Netherlands - West
1800 t Netherlands - South/East Netherlands - West
400 t Antwerp/Ghent Antwerp/Ghent
1200 t Lower Rhine Rhine/Neckar
1200 t High Rhine Rhine/Main
Bargelink Capaciteits Index (BCI)
Overview over barges coming available the next days
Datum tonnage Schepen BCI
20/04/2014 45,758 30 12
21/04/2014 42,276 28 11
22/04/2014 38,585 25 10
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